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December 18, 2003

Dealing With Loss During The Holidays

The holidays can be especially tough if you've lost a loved one. The Oregonian gives tips on getting through the holiday season:

First of all, Fairweather, who runs a grief recovery group at the hospital, urges those grieving to take care of themselves. She says this includes the basics of getting enough rest, eating healthfully and exercising every day. It may also include getting a massage, soaking in a hot tub and "treating yourself lovingly."

"If you are bereaved, buy yourself a present from the loved one, something you know they wanted you to have," she says.

Those in grief sometimes have an urge to withdraw, worried about making others' holidays unhappy. But by accepting an invitation to a meal or shopping date, those who care about the grieving person can feel connected.

"Accept help when offered," Fairweather says. "That blesses not only the one who receives it, but the one who gives it."

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