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January 7, 2004

Another Day Goes To The Dogs

Trends in southwest Florida show that people will do anything for their pets. The perks have gotten downright posh. High-end hotels cater to pets by including gift bags and room service; fancy boutiques offer designer collars and zip-up leather boots for dogs; dog beds can be custom-made to match the owners' furniture.

Within the broad pet industry is a growing niche of pampering products and services. Some professionals offer massages, chiropractic and even liposuction services for animals.

On a less ridiculous note:

A safe house for old and infirm pets outside Seattle, Washington gives animal a place to retire.

The program provides homes to cats and dogs who have been abandoned because they have become too old, too sick or simply too inconvenient.

There are currently about 100 volunteers, she says. "But we always need more." For instance, "We don't have someone to massage Clarence every day."

Posted by linda at January 7, 2004 7:51 PM

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