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February 22, 2004

Integrative Healing

The Chicago Tribune examines integrative health centers, alternatives to hospitals that embrace alternative medicine as well as Western medicine:

"With conventional medicine, if you don't fit into an easily treatable situation, doctors get frustrated," said Karen Koffler, director of the Integrative Medicine Program at Evanston (Ill.) Northwestern Healthcare.

"If you don't respond to chemotherapy, we say, `They failed chemotherapy,' rather than `The chemo failed them.' That kind of mentality is woven into (conventional) medicine. With integrative medicine, we believe that's inappropriate."

A typical staff will have a conventionally trained medical doctor, like Koffler, working with experts from a host of complementary fields, including massage therapy, nutrition, chiropractic, acupuncture, herbalism and meditation.

Some centers incorporate fitness classes or healing movement forms, such as yoga, qigong, tai chi and craniosacral therapy.

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