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February 26, 2004

Service Jobs May Be Savior Of Economy

Tech Central says that service industry jobs such as massage therapy can make up for outsourced manufacturing jobs that plague our economy.

Among those new jobs that aren't counted are, yes, a dramatically increasing number of massage therapists, who show up in industry figures but not in the records of the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Now massage therapists are everywhere, and they seem fully employed. (Just try to book an appointment at the last minute.) What's more, these are -- in the Michael Dukakis phrase that Democrats seem to be exhuming -- "good jobs at good wages."

This is true, but beware. If you're planning a career in massage therapy, do your research. Don't expect that the "x" dollars you charge per hour is all pocketed--rent, utilities, insurance, supplies and laundry must be factored in. And don't think that being self-employed means only working when you feel like it. You'll almost always work harder at your own business than you will working for someone else. You'll pay extra in self-employment taxes. And you don't get paid for sick days and vacation. So go ahead and become a massage therapist, just remember someone like me is working very hard to be the best in the business.

Posted by linda at February 26, 2004 2:03 PM

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