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May 15, 2004

DO vs. MD

Many of my continuing education courses are developed by Osteopathic doctors. The following article describes the difference between MDs and DOs.

In the United States, only two kinds of physicians can be fully licensed to perform surgery and prescribe drugs - M.D.s and D.O.s. Nationwide, roughly one in 20 doctors is an osteopath.

But with holistic health care becoming more trendy, and with experts constantly warning Americans to pay attention to diet and exercise, osteopathic medicine has found itself in tune with the times, according to its practitioners.

The essence of the osteopathic philosophy is its emphasis on the body's nerves, joints, muscles and bones. The thinking is that, because everything is connected, a problem in one area can lead to problems elsewhere. Another central tenet is that a body in good working order is optimally designed to heal itself.

Posted by linda at May 15, 2004 10:25 AM

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