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May 20, 2004

In An Effort To Educate

In my search for relevant massage news today, I stumbled across a massage reference from a Stanford University student commentary. Unfortunately, the reference was not flattering and is typically of stereotypes I find perpetuated throughout the media. This is a real problem in our industry. So, in my crusade to enlighten the public I wrote the following e-mail:

I read with amusement your article concerning practical job skills upon graduating from Stanford. However, I was a bit dismayed with the following quote from your article:

Likewise, Stanford should offer certification classes in the arts of massage and exotic dance, and the drama department should look into teaching a quarter’s worth of circus tricks for graduates to fall back on when they get rejected from consulting jobs at McKinney and Goldman Sachs.

As a practicing massage therapist, I find it disheartening that an assumedly educated population of people would continue perpetuating outdated stereotypes about an industry that is struggling to dissociate itself from seedy venues such as "massage" parlors and "exotic" dancers. So it is part of my professional responsibility to elevate people's awareness concerning massage therapy. Maybe you would be interested in my weblog Fingertips: http://massage.largeheartedboy.com.

I know you mean no harm to my profession and are trying to make a point, but maybe you could also use your forum for enlightening your fellow students about the benefits of massage--especially during exam week.

Posted by linda at May 20, 2004 1:11 PM

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