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May 19, 2004

Life Altering Experience

This Connecticut man became a massage therapist after receiving massage as a gift.

His decision to become a massage therapist almost 10 years ago was inspired by a gift certificate for his first massage.

He treats both sport and non-sport injuries and encourages clients to practice an all around healthy lifestyle, including good nutrition and a lot of water and sleep.

Mr. Foetsch said that the benefits of massage therapy are cumulative and that relaxation can be a learned behavior.

My own decision to become a massage therapist was also based upon a life-changing event. I was involved in an automobile accident in 1991 that resulted in a persistent case of whiplash. After 9 months of muscle relaxers I asked for physical therapy. Luckily I was assigned to a therapist practicing Craniosacral Therapy and my whiplash was cleared up in three half hour sessions. I thought, "Wow! Now that's really making a difference in people's lives." And my journey toward bodywork began there.

Posted by linda at May 19, 2004 12:39 PM

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