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May 27, 2004

Massage Prevents Bigger Problems

The benefits of massage are being proven by research. Now there is anecdotal evidence that massage is good for our mental health. Some practitioners even claim that massage helps prevent muscle tightness from turning into more serious conditions such as nerve problems. Massage may one day come into it's own as preventive treatment in insurance companies' view.

Some massages are designed purely for relaxation, while others, such as a sports massage, can be more intense. The benefits of such treatments, supporters say, are many.

"It keeps you limber, it keeps the toxins flowing out of your body," Bean said. "It's also very important for our senior citizens. They do not get the circulation that they require sometimes, especially in the lower extremities."

Now, more people understand the significance of massage. Doctors are recognizing the medical value of the practice. Insurance companies are slowly coming around in their support.

"Now they're recognizing that pre-treatment of a condition totally outweighs the expense of having that condition worsen."

According to Guenther and others, getting regular massages, including the deep-tissue kind, can keep damaging problems from developing. "Tight muscles can turn into a nerve problem," Guenther said. "I see it happen every day."

Posted by linda at May 27, 2004 8:35 AM

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