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May 11, 2004

New Profession Not A Luxury Rubdown

This Hampton, NH physical therapy assistant gave up a 17 year-long career for massage therapy and opened her own private clinic.

Donning a new professional hat required Drelick to return to school, earning her massage therapist license through the North Eastern Institute of Whole Health School of Massage Therapy in Manchester.

Despite public perceptions, massage therapy isn’t merely a luxury rubdown for the rich and famous seeking extra pampering.

All new clients are required to fill out a detailed medical and lifestyle questionnaire and talk with their massage therapist before a treatment is recommended.

A retired client with osteoporosis wouldn’t receive the same treatment as a computer professional with neck pain.

“We really focus on the education part and posture awareness,” Drelick said. Manual therapy techniques and exercise are used to help decrease pain and improve mobility. Drelick said observation of a client’s gait and posture and review of their lifestyle often provide telltale signs of unhealthy repetition.

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