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May 28, 2004

Prevention The Best Cure

It's important to be able to tell the difference between a mole and melanoma. Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer that is easy cure if it is spotted early.

Right now, skin cancer detection mainly relies on a patient or a doctor's visual exam. In a visual exam use the ABCD's, looking for Asymmetry, Border irregularity, Color variation, and Diameter, to determine whether a mole might be a melanoma spot. (warning: graphic photos)

When Don Shaw lost his daughter to melanoma, he started a grassroots program called "You Can Make A Difference."

He trains other hairdressers, manicurists, and massage therapists to check the body closely for unusual spots in places most clients can't see, like the scalp, behind ears, and in between toes.

Posted by linda at May 28, 2004 7:52 AM

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