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May 8, 2004

Yoga Popping Up Everywhere

Yoga is popping up in unexpected places. These unique programs in Australia illustrate the diverse range of uses and benefits of yoga.

Yoga is used in the classroom to to teach kids about good health and stress management.
One teenage girl got rid of an ovarian cyst in a week. Another of Rushton's students claimed her four-year-old kidney condition cleared up after only two weeks of yoga corrective exercises.

Yoga is an adjunct to a drug rehabilitation program. Participants must go through an intense 14 to 30 detox program before being included into the class.
"Although the men are clean before they start, they are traumatised both physically and emotionally because of their addictions," says Massaioli.

Yoga on airlines is a fun, and healthy way to deal with all that sitting.
"It's also a great opportunity to give passengers a taste of yoga. Despite the increased popularity of yoga, we're amazed at how many people haven't tried it."

Corporate yoga challenges the mindset of participants who's tendency is to push themselves too hard.
"Yoga is the perfect vehicle for helping employees manage stress, achieve a healthy work-life balance and see new possibilities for themselves - all in a familiar environment."

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