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July 26, 2004

Don't Give Up Your Career Because Of Injury

The average career length for massage therapist is only five years because many burn out or injure themselves due to repetitive strain. Now there is a solution: No Hands massage - a technique created and clinically developed by British masseur Gerry Pyves after he damaged both his wrists. Left to use other parts of his body instead, Pyves says: "I was forced to massage my clients without using my hands. By the time my hands healed, I didn't need them anymore."

"The No Hands massage is much deeper and more effective because using, for example, the forearm on the back during the treatment to massage displaces pressure over a wide area and gives a much deeper massage. It's not sore and because a wider area is used you see quicker results."

A therapist who uses the technique exclusively after the old way created and injury reports, "When I did the standard massage, I dreaded it. You give, give, give and don't get anything in return. Now, it's zero strain for the therapist and the client gets a better massage."

Link for the No-Hands courses.

Posted by linda at July 26, 2004 9:10 PM

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