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October 9, 2004

Low Back Injury Part III

This is the third in a series of installments regarding a client who took a fall landing on his tail bone several years previous. After doctors visits and alternative therapies including massage which they felt were ineffective, they decided to give massage therapy another try.

Following the other sessions, the client felt that the results following the first session, where a lot of deep tissue therapy was incorporated, were more dramatic. The low back pain was no longer prominent in the middle of the back as it had been when they first came in, but the pain had migrated to the legs. This was important information which made me change my plans for the session and focus on working around the sciatic nerve.

Upon palpation, most of the muscles continued to be softer than the original session. However, when I started working the gluteal muscles at a deeper level, it was clear with the tightness and sensitivity of the muscles that I was on the right track. We spent the majority of the session using deep tissue techniques with diligent communication to work the deep gluteal muscles including the piriformis and deep hip rotators near the greater trochanter.

To finish the session, I wanted to calm the system, since on one side of the body the muscles tended to spasm. I incorporated Craniosacral therapy's dural tube techniques which the client found very relaxing. They have expressed an interest in sticking with massage therapy to see how far it can bring them out of their back pain.

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