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October 28, 2004

Post-Knee Replacement Massage

It's been three months since the knee replacement surgery. After three rounds of physical therapy, they still have a great deal of pain and their range of motion has never been back to the 113 degrees it was forced into during therapy treatments that brought tears to their eyes.

So, they resorted to massage therapy for relief. Then their massage therapist disappeared and left no forwarding address. Now they have come to me.

The muscles surrounding the joint above and below the knee are tight and painful. The attachment site of the quadriceps muscle onto the hip bone is tender. Semitendinosis is "tight as a cord of wood." The client has started hurting in their low back and neck and hasn't had a decent night's sleep in a while.

First, I explained my treatment plan. Then I had them show me their range of motion and rate their pain while performing that task. I started with heat therapy using hot stones. I did deep tissue therapy to stretch the fascia that wraps the fascicles or muscle bundles. Performed lymph drainage therapy to mobilized fluid, keep any swelling down and reduce pain.

I then attended to their back and neck pain. I found tension primarily on the right side of the back, and another tender knot at C2 on the right side of their neck which I eased with Craniosacral therapy. I helped the client integrate the treatment by inducing still point and left the room instructing them to test their range of motion and rate their pain.

The client said they felt comfortable just lying there, which I counted as progress since they had been too uncomfortable to sleep. When they came out of the room, they said their range of motion was not improved, but their comfort level in performing the task was greatly improved. They also reported improvement in their back and neck pain. I finished the session by suggested they drink lots of water and take a good nap while they were comfortable enough to do so.

Posted by linda at October 28, 2004 3:41 PM

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