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November 7, 2004

Body Rhythms Useful In Medicine

An interesting article out of China discusses body rhythms, finding that have sparked interest in the United States medical community. With this new information we can time our activities to coincide with the time of day our bodies are best primed to do what we are asking of it.

Last month a new study from Long Island Jewish Medical Center found that lung function peaks in the late afternoon: another reason why it's good to exercise then. This has implications for more than just when you go to the gym. What lung specialists are excited by is the possibility of timing medication so that it is given at a time when it can penetrate the respiratory tissues as effectively as possible.

Not all the reasons why certain systems work best at certain times are fully understood, but in general, said Foster, what the research tends to show is that the human body's rhythms are linked to two external factors: light and temperature.

The clock that controls all body systems is, says Foster, embedded within our genes -- 12 or 14 genes have been identified that help regulate it with the production of certain proteins.

Posted by linda at November 7, 2004 9:12 AM

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