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November 20, 2004

Neck Exercises

News 10 in New York had personal trainer, Kathy Caiello, do a series of stories outline ways to stretch and strengthen to help protect the neck from injury, overuse syndromes, or poor posture. She also has pointers about how many neck problems come about and how to avoid them.

Several factors can cause or perpetuate neck pain; one being that the neck muscles have to support the weight of the head against gravity, and an unbalanced head position makes that job very difficult. It's common to develop a "head forward" posture while working long hours at a computer or desk.

Part 1 looks at warm up techniques necessary before starting exercises.

Part II covers isometric exercises designed to alleviate discomfort.

One more tip for saving your neck would be to not hold the phone in between your ear and shoulders.

Part III concludes this series by covering techniques for working out and alleviating knots in the trapezius muscles.

Check your pillow height. If it's too low, causing the neck to drop or too high causing you to kink the tiny muscles in the neck can also be injured or in spasm.

Posted by linda at November 20, 2004 11:54 AM

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