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November 9, 2004

Olive Oil Good, But Only To A Point

The FDA has announced something we all pretty much know--olive oil (in moderation) is good for you.

"There is limited but not conclusive evidence that suggests that consumers may reduce their risk of coronary heart disease if they consume monosaturated fat from olive oil and olive oil-containing foods in place of foods high in saturated fats."

What's more, the scientists said, because of its monosaturated fats, olive oil is connected to a "reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline." Use olive oil and your brain lasts longer.

But I won't let myself think that olive oil has magical properties than can protect me from the consequences of a lifetime of bad habits. We all know that low-fat margarine is better than butter, but eating it by the spoonful out of the tub isn't a good idea.

Never eat until you feel full, only until you no longer feel hungry. Vary your diet, include good stuff with every meal. And exercise.

Another use for olive oil: If you are allergic to most massage substrates, good old olive oil can be substituted with few unpleasant side effects. It's food for your skin!

Posted by linda at November 9, 2004 8:55 AM

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