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November 2, 2004

Staying Healthy In The Season Of Vata

In Ayurvedic tradition, autumn and early winter are the season of Vata. Vata is characterized by its quality of motion and is classified as cold, dry and light. It is important for us to take special care with our bodies during transition seasons. According to Ayurveda, all diseases start in the digestive system.

We can adjust our daily eating habits to be more in tune with our changing environment. While cold beverages were great to cool us off in the summer, now it is better to reduce our intake of these. Instead of cold drinks, caffeine-free teas and coffee substitutes are good choices. Fall is the time when warm, moist, heavy foods are the most beneficial to us. Warm lightly spiced vegetables are also very beneficial.

Ayurveda also recommends daily self-massage with warm oil.

Ayurveda also teaches us that transition seasons such as autumn and spring are good times for cleansing our systems.

Pancha Karma has three phases, a preparatory phase, where oil is applied externally and internally and a light diet is eaten; an eliminative phase, where procedures are employed to eliminate the excess doshas; and a restorative phase, where a constitutionally correct diet is slowly reintroduced.

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