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December 26, 2004


As we clear away the last of the wrapping and ribbons and find a place in our homes for our Christmas booty, it's time to think about those New Year's resolutions.

I made the mistake one year of promising to overhaul all of my bad habits. There must have been a hundred resolutions on my list and few ever had any hope of being addressed. The next year I went polar opposite and made no resolutions at all.

I've wised up over the years. Pick one thing that is doable, like limiting (not eliminating) one food, like bread, and build on your success. Success has a funny way of creating momentum. Or, if resolutions are a mental game for you, rather than restrict or give something up, add something to your routine, like walking three times a week or volunteering once a month.

Sometimes a reward system is the trick to motivation. Say you want to give up something hard like cigarette smoking. Cigarettes cost about $3.81 a pack. If you have a pack a day habit, you're spending $26.67 a week or the price of a half hour massage. If you have a strong will and prefer a full hour massage, reward yourself every two weeks with a full hour. Not only will you be eliminating one habit that is harmful to your health, you'll be replacing it with something that is beneficial to your health. Good luck.

Posted by linda at December 26, 2004 10:35 AM

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