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December 6, 2004

Visceral Manipulation Aids Chiropractics

Marc Heller, DC, writes about Visceral Manipulation from a chiropractic point of view. Believing that the traditional chiropractic view of subluxation is too limiting, he includes scar tissue as part of this definition. He notes that impaired mobility of the soft tissues, especially fascia, can greatly impair motor function, contributing to trigger points and joint restrictions.

I want to emphasize that if you want to release scar tissue in the abdomen, this gentle, respectful approach to the tissues is critical for optimal results.

What are we doing to the scar? My suspicion is that part of the effect is mechanical, changing mobility to some degree. I believe that another, probably more significant effect is neurological. According to Leslie Feinberg, "A more reasonable description is that the introduction of therapeutic manual force causes a reset of neurological circuits and releases the noxious stimulation to which the body was adapting."

This protocol is a beautiful description of a priority-oriented approach. When you correct the primary subluxation, the secondary restrictions will often melt on their own. Yes, I am defining these scars as subluxations; neurologically significant soft-tissue restrictions. If releasing the scar releases the joint restriction in the spine, it behooves us to assess and treat in this manner.

Posted by linda at December 6, 2004 9:40 PM

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