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January 17, 2005

Taking Care Of Hands That Take Care Of Others

If you find your hands in water a lot throughout the day, you may have rough, dry skin with chapping or cracking. Not only is it unpleasing in appearance, it can be uncomfortable, especially if your hands are in contact with harsh detergents and chemicals.

So, prevention through daily care is the only answer.
"The skin on the back of the hands is soft and thin; therefore, it is prone to early wrinkling," Teresa Brown, an aesthetician, tells all woman, while explaining that the palm of the hand has no sebaceous glands like most other body parts. Therefore, it doesn't have any natural lubrication and can become exceedingly dry and rough.

After a handwash or any household chore like washing clothes or dishes, massage your hands with a lubricating hand cream or lotion.

Use a cream, with sunblock, morning and night daily.

Posted by linda at January 17, 2005 7:06 PM

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