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February 21, 2005

Augmented Soft-Tissue Mobilization

In especially stubborn cases of injury rehabilitation, there is a technique that uses hard rubber scraping tools to "reinjure" the area and allow it to heal correctly. Don Chu, retired director of training and rehab at Stanford, has adopted "scraping", a technique developed by Dave Graston of Indiana in 1998 following a water-skiing injury.

"I prefer to call it tooling," Chu corrected. "I'm able to do in 10 minutes what I used to do in 40," he says.

It's a form of deep muscle massage, or myofascial release. Think of tooling as physiological rewind. It reverses the healing process, then restarts it in fast-forward, so tissue is repaired correctly, function restored quickly, mainly through the restorative magic of movement.

"It's more uncomfortable than painful," he said. Afterward, his left arm was so swollen and enlarged he resembled Popeye. Three days later, his arm was purple with bruises, a common aftereffect.

Posted by linda at February 21, 2005 11:19 AM

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