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February 14, 2005

Massage Class: Couples Rub The Right Way

You've had a hectic day at work. You've retreated to the comfort of your sofa, but that nagging tension prevents you from unwinding. Your partner tries to help you with your stiff neck, but can't budge that knot or poops out before your pain is gone. Sometimes a little hands-on training is enough to give you and your partner some techniques to take care of each other. Many adult education classes offer couples massage classes, usually held at your local high school.

"You start with demystifying the whole process."

Learning basic massage techniques for both clothed and unclothed occasions benefits couples because once they learn the correct techniques -- which maximizes benefits for the recipient and minimizes stress on the masseuse -- they can give each other "mini-massages" throughout the day, Kessler said. He added couples who know some massage techniques can give each other relief for minor injuries, daily stress and "just to be nice."

Nodia Brent-Lux, a yoga teacher at Body spa, said couples massage is important because many people forget to use nonsexual touch.

"As we age we have more aches and pains. This is a way to deal with it."

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