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March 14, 2005

Auto Accident Case Study

A client of mine had an automobile accident and thought enough of massage therapy to request a prescription from their doctor over chiropractic.

The car was hit directly on the passenger side door, pushing their car into another car in the intersection. As would be expected, there is a great deal of strain on the left side of the neck. There is also pain from bruising on the lower right ribcage and muscle strain at the attachment sites of the sacrum.

I started working with the hip and sacrum area since the client started explaining their discomfort there first. I shortened the right gluteal muscle toward the sacrum with one hand and lengthened the connective tissue starting from the sacral attachment toward the outer hip. This area was sore, but felt good to the client. I repeated the procedure on the left side. I applied heat and advised the client to do the same, alternating with ice, for home care.

I then proceeded to the neck area where there was a great deal of muscle tension on the left side of the neck up into the base of the skull. I softened the muscles around the shoulders and worked up into the neck. I then employed the occipital base release at the base of the skull. I also did gentle deep tissue therapy within the clients' comfort level along the neck, releasing twists in the muscles on both sides simultaneously in the same direction (the direction I suspect the head was torqued during the accident).

My client will be sore after this session. I advised them of this ans said their symptoms may be flu-like as soon a 20 minutes after the session. A soak in an Epsom salt bath will help with soreness. Taking medication as prescribed by their doctor would be appropriate for pain as would drinking lots of water. Rest, of course, is essential.

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