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April 25, 2005

Hydrotherapy For Dogs

Laramie, Wyoming canine massage therapist massages her clients in a heated pool after they run their paces in an aquatic exercise therapy.

Pokey has been working — if joyfully swimming in a doggie life jacket and resting with professional pool massage is work for an active dog — at Hydro Hounds since the beginning of the year, and in that time has made considerable progress, owner Colleen Downey said.

When Roberts gently lowered Pokey into the water, he only feebly used his back leg to paddle along. As the 45 minute session progressed he became visibly more comfortable and confident, and after requesting massage by slapping the water with a fore paw, he used the weak leg with strength and ease.

"They talk to you. You get used to the body language of their swimming. They'll look back and let me know when they're ready for some massage," Roberts said.

More in-depth reading on Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy by Darryl L. Mills.

Posted by linda at April 25, 2005 8:52 AM

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