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April 26, 2005

The Importance Of Lifting Correctly

One of the most common strain injuries I see is low back strain due to someone picking up something heavy and twisting their torso. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of proper lifting.

A client presents with a low back strain in the right lumbar region that follows the line of ribs down and out from the spine. They had lifted something that wasn't heavy (and therefore were not careful about form) and twisted their torso. This action brought them to their knees.

Following all the physical clues, I was led to deduct they had strained their latisimus dorsi. There was also slight strain in the oblique muscles due to being unable to straighten up properly for the better part of three weeks. I worked both areas of strain and then had the client lay on their side. I was then able to reassess the injury site and work deeply as needed. At one point my client commented that for a little person, I sure am heavy! This position also allows me to reach the insertion of the latisimus dorsi under the arm which was inflamed and tender.

I believe in being patient and thorough, and a good knowledge of anatomy helped me with this case. This client will likely be sore tomorrow and also the next day. With ice and stretching they should recover quickly. After such an intense session, I'll bet they never lift that way again!

Posted by linda at April 26, 2005 8:47 AM

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