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May 30, 2005

Massages For Truckers

Here's a good idea for the people who keep the country going. In the UK, a safe driving initiative is giving truck drivers free head massages and "bacon butties" to help raise awareness of the dangers of driving while tired.

"If you are fighting to keep yourself awake then get off the road."

I have worked on trucking company owners, dispatchers, a long-haul husband and wife team, a UPS driver/loader and a soda delivery person. The job is dangerous to the health of their back, especially if they have to unload their freight, because of the combination of inactivity followed by heavy lifting. Whether they are long-haul drivers, or have local routes, massage helps keep drivers healthy.

Another interesting article outlines the incidence of upper extremity injury in long-haul truck drivers.

Posted by linda at May 30, 2005 11:05 AM

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