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May 18, 2005

My Assessment Of My Training Class

Yesterday, I attended a practice building class on improving communication (May 17, 2005). It was a fine class and I had a handful of techniques such as listening slills and ways to find common ground in order to diffuse confrontation that will be helpful to remember in both professional and personal communication.

We did some role-playing exercises and a couple of case studies which allowed us to problem solve and map out goals. But the class would have been better if it covered the topics more thoroughly. It would have been nice to have more practical preparation for resolving communication roadblocks. There was also some pretty heavy selling of book sets, videos and CDs for home learning. Finally, we were officially released from the class almost an hour early.

I guess I'm spoiled. No course I've had can compare with the stellar quality of the Upledger classes that I have attended. Nothing beats having a class with hands on techniques and immediate feedback from "clients" and advice from teaching assistants who are well-versed in the technique.

Posted by linda at May 18, 2005 10:40 AM

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