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May 29, 2005

The Cost Of Moving

I'm moving my office this weekend. And while it is exciting to have a new space with everything cleaned up, there are costs to be aware of.

First is the cost of time. So far, I have put 17 hours into moving and unpacking and there is still more work to do. There is cleaning up the old place, not to mention the time it took in the first place for us to find the new office. Then there is the time it takes to go to the city for an inspection and the utility company to have the power switched over to my name.

Second are the actual dollar amounts which include the office deposit and the utility deposit. There are printing costs and postage for announcement mailings. Then there was the shopping trip to find eye hooks for the sign, a splitter for the phone, seat cushions in a color that would match the new office, plants, pots and potting soil and new door mats for the front door.

This is the third time I've moved my office, and I'm planning to stay here until I start graduate school in 2008. Hopefully this space will have enough parking, a responsive landlord, respectful neighbors, and an efficient heating and cooling system.

Posted by linda at May 29, 2005 9:28 AM

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