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May 3, 2005

Tinnitus With Vertigo

A client was referred to my by a nurse whose husband had success with me for treating his tinnitus. I had used Craniosacral therapy and massage and he has had little or no recurrence of his symptoms.

This client, however, has been having tinnitus more severe than the previous case and it is accompanied by vertigo. They also have neck pain when their tinnitus flares up. Their doctor has them on fluid pills which have helped slightly. I accepted them as a client and told them that I did not hold out much hope for success but we would try and see what happens.

I first performed massage to ease the neck tension and pain. Often, muscular tension in the neck pulls on the structures of head, such as the eustachian tubes, and prevents proper drainage. With the muscles softened, I performed lymph drainage to encourage fluid flow. Then I performed Craniosacral therapy, specifically the temporal ear pull technique to ease tensions in the membrane system surrounding the ears.

I received a phone call from this client seeking another session before they went to an appointment with a specialist. They said they had gotten so much relief since our appointment that they had only had a 15 minute episode with the vertigo in the past five days.

Posted by linda at May 3, 2005 8:52 AM

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