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July 3, 2005

Rodin's Thinker Was Likely In Pain

What does Rodin's The Thinker think about? Most likely pain, according to the patient was required to maintain such a pose for three weeks following retinal reattachment surgery.

The fun quickly wears off.

Finally, I found relief -- an acupuncturist who lived down the street agreed to see me at her home. I walked down the block like a hunchback, keeping my Thinker position intact as she inserted needles around my head and neck to relieve the tension.

Finally, the doctor gave me permission to uncurl. This, too, was easier said than done. I lifted my head but found that my neck had frozen into that hideous pose. More massages, more acupuncture, more excruciating headaches.

Posted by linda at July 3, 2005 9:04 AM

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