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July 16, 2005

Shoulder Week

It was shoulder week at the office again. At least two people a day came in with a variety of complaints related to the shoulder girdle.

One client has a chronic shoulder problem and they use massage once a month to maintain use of the shoulder and alleviate arm pain and numbness. They've been able to trace their muscle spasms to a former job that required work in tight quarters with the arms raised over their head.

Another client had rotator cuff surgery and has a tendon that has been attached to the labrum is chronically tight due to the surgery. I also prescribe stretches for this client as part of their healing.

A new client was referred by a doctor's office (one of the nurses there is a client of mine). They sought relief from a crick in their shoulder that they've had for the past three weeks.

A regular client has arm and hip trouble. The session they had with me two weeks ago cleared up the majority of their hip troubles, so we focused on the numbness and pain with the arm. Shoulder work requires patience and ingenuity to address all possible factors affecting the arms. Sometimes manipulating chest muscles (yes, they affect the health of the shoulder) goes a long way in helping the problem.

Many of the problems I've described are common in my practice. Success in a give session depends largely upon how old or advanced the insult is to the tissue. Obviously, pain is a factor in how quickly or deeply I can work in a given session. Finally, home care in the form of rest, stretches and strengthening, and heat and ice affect recovery time.

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