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August 6, 2005

Combat Aging With Martial Arts

Broken bones are among the greatest health concerns of the aging. Many who retire to easy chairs for their golden years are at higher risk of developing debilitating bone breaks compared to their more active counterparts. Martial arts are a way for people to stay active into their golden years.

"Seniors who take tai chi, within one year they can reduce their falls by 40 percent," Carrier says. "Here you teach yourself to read your body. That's why it's good for seniors, because that way they strengthen their bodies. But at the same time it teaches them how to read what their limitations are."

Another group in town — headed by fourth-degree black belt in Ki-Aikido and KU professor emeritus Andrew Tsubaki — is guided through a more thorough approach to mind and body coordination that incorporates tai chi, yoga, Ki-Aikido meditation and healing massage — even Japanese singing and dance. Tsubaki’s goal is not only to tone the bodies of his students and increase their flexibility, but to exercise the mind as well.

Posted by linda at August 6, 2005 9:25 AM

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