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August 17, 2005

Following The Line Of Tension

You've got an hour session with a client and you've worked out all of their complaints and still have 15 minutes left. What do you do?

I would go to their head and soften the suboccipital muscles at the base of the skull as though preparing to perform a Craniosacral cranial base release. Using the same hold I apply slight caudal traction to the head and spine, about 5 to 10 grams. What I'm feeling for is the slight drag created by each vertebrae as the rotatores muscles relax and lengthen. Like a train the "cars" come along one at a time. If two or three "cars" engage at the same time, I know there is dysfunction at that area of the body and I can work there using a diaphragm release.

I did this with a client recently. I got a clear sense that they had tension on the right side of starting at the base of the neck around C7 and extending to the bottom of the ribs on the anterior side of the body. I performed a craniosacral diaphragm release, first at the base of the neck. This was not the primary tension area, so I moved further down the torso to the lower ribs.

When doing a diaphragm release, if I "lose" my sense of where the tension is or the ability to feel what direction the body needs to release the tension, I lighten my touch until the tissue begins to move. Always follow the body--it knows better what it needs than the practitioner does. If you follow the directives of the body, you will do no harm and not create more problems.

My client had gone into a place of deep relaxation almost like a meditative space. As their tissue released I adjusted my the positioning up toward where I started at the base of the neck. When I finished my client inquired what I had done saying their chest felt more open. After explaining, they felt around the area at the lower ribs and found a place of exquisite tenderness between a couple of ribs. They were amazed that they had never noticed that area before. We had found the source of the tension. The body will likely finish the release in anywhere from 48 hours or two weeks.

Posted by linda at August 17, 2005 10:48 AM

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