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August 15, 2005

Medical Intuitives

Vicki Walsh is a medical intuitive. Trained under Carolyn Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit, and Dr. C. Norman Shealy, a Harvard-trained neurosurgeon, Walsh reads the stories in people's bodies through her hands. And sometimes, she detects illness before the doctors do.

The Energy Medicine Institute says energy medicine complements other approaches to medical care and promotes wellness and healing the body by "restoring energies that have become weak, disturbed, or out of balance."

"Today we would have to acknowledge that the public increasingly is demanding these services," said Andrew B. MacLean, general counsel for Maine Medical Association. "That's reality. If it makes people feel better and it's not encouraging them to avoid seeking legitimate medical treatment for more significant issues, then that's an individual choice.

Posted by linda at August 15, 2005 7:25 AM

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