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November 3, 2005

"Go Away And Learn How To Breathe"

Breathing pattern disorders are responsible for a whole host of side effects that mimic more serious symptoms ranging from increased fascial tone to colonic spasms, menstrual distress, pseudo-angina attacks, epileptic seizures, profound fatigue, muscle cramps, brain-fog, lowered pain thresholds, sympathetic arousal, increased sensitivity to light and sound, and feelings of extreme anxiety.

Respiratory alkalosis
is a condition where we lose too much carbon dioxide (and carbonic acid) in the blood which move the the blood's pH from a normal of around 7.4 to as much as 7.5. This is enough to bring about a whole cascade of physiological reactions that are uncomfortable at best and anxiety producing which exacerbates the problem.

Chronic fatigue and chronic pain problems (such as fibromyalgia) are characterized by just such breathing patterns, as are a host of other health problems, most of which can at the very least be improved by better breathing.

As a person becomes habituated to shallow breathing, the body learns to tolerate very low levels of CO2 in the blood and this becomes the "normal" for that person. In order to maintain this low CO2 level, rapid upper chest breathing is necessary.

Improved posture and repatterning poor breathing patterns can improve many symptoms.

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