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March 1, 2006

From Construction Work To Massage Therapy

Massage therapists come from all types of backgrounds. Robert J. Lecuyer is a 59 year-old ex-construction worker who recently finished massage therapy school. He currently works with his daughter, herself a licensed massage therapist, in Massachusetts.

"I enjoy helping people. I couldn't have picked a better thing to do. I've tried everything else," Lecuyer said during a recent interview at the massage center.

He got his inspiration for becoming a massage therapist from his daughter, who holds a degree in sports medicine from Westfield State College.

Lecuyer decided to try out the field by enrolling at the Amherst School of Massage Therapy and was happy to find he took to the field.

"I enjoy this so much. Maybe it's just the time of life," Lecuyer said.

A self-described sensitive kind of guy, Lecuyer admits to crying at sad movies.

"I like making people feel better," Lecuyer said. "That's such a blessing to make people feel better."


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