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May 8, 2006

Keep Your Plumbing Humming

Several clients have related bowel problems to me once they discovered that a) I was willing to talk about the subject, and B) I have a technique that may help them. From irritable bowel syndrome to constipation to ileocecal valve spasms to menstrual related gastric upset, my client's willingness to try visceral manipulation for relief has been rewarding.

One of my clients related a recipe to me, approved by her doctor and nurse practitioner for chronic constipation. This client has suffered with a lifetime of sluggish bowel activity that has affected body systems beyond the digestive system. Chronic constipation (sometimes lasting 16 or 17 days!!), prolapse bowel and bladder, gastric reflux, bladder infection, and swollen extremities are just a few of the complicating factors associated with their lack of bowel function.

No wonder we, as a society, are inundated with laxative advertising! This recipe should be followed religiously with plenty of water.

1-1/2 cups of pears in light juice (a 12-14 oz can)
1 cup of Fiber One or All Bran cereal

Blend and refrigerate. Eat two heaping tablespoons every morning with coffee or juice. You should notice improved bowel function in three weeks. If after that time there is little improvement, increase by one tablespoon for a week. If there is still little or no improvement, increase again each week following but do not exceed 5 tablespoons. You should see improved bowel function after 6 weeks.

My client followed this regimen and reported bowel function daily, an unprecedented improvement. This has also served to improve many of their other physical conditions.


Posted by linda at May 8, 2006 9:51 AM

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