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June 6, 2006

Clinical Assessment and Massage Treatment for Back Pain and Dysfunction

Iowa's Cresco Times profiles licensed massage therapist Holly Rasmussen. Rasmussen talks about her recent training in clinical assessment and treatment for back pain and dysfunction.

"It also taught me how to watch the way people walk and stand to see how their posture is affecting the lower back," Rasmusson, a 1990 Crestwood High School graduate said. "It's totally different than the relaxation massage people think of when they think about massage."

Rasmusson said once a patient's conditions are assessed, a clinical massage therapist "can then address which trigger points and muscle groups need to be worked on."

"The sessions tend to be more localized," she said. "I do the assessment of the client and then tailor the session to that person. I am very excited about this new therapy. I will be taking more classes from David Kent in the future to help my clients."


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