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July 27, 2006

Digital Mammogram

A client was prescribed a digital mammogram. Hearing this I was full of questions. Is this still the same process but the image is saved digitally? Is this a different kind of picture in the same way a sonogram is different from a x-ray? A sonogram picks up different information in the breast tissue than a standard mammogram--is a digital mammogram going to miss something that a standard mammogram may catch?

Some information concerning digital mammography follows:
Both digital and film mammography use X-rays to produce an image of the breast.
Digital mammography uses less radiation than film mammography.
Digital mammography takes an electronic image of the breast and stores it directly in a computer.
The sensitivity for women with dense breasts was only 55 percent for film mammography while the sensitivity for digital mammography was 70 percent.
From a woman's perspective, a digital mammography examination is similar to a traditional mammography examination. Positioning and compression of the breast are identical.


Posted by linda at July 27, 2006 7:33 AM

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