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July 14, 2006

Sinus And Ear Infections

I've seen an inordinate number of sinus and ear infections in the past couple of weeks.

My client with the outer ear infection was having trouble hearing my music. Temporary hearing impairment is a common symptom. There was also swelling and tenderness on the side of the face of the affected ear. I made sure to avoid the tender areas, performed my sinus protocol emphasizing the lymphatic drainage portion of the treatment. Antibiotics that the doctor has prescribed them should have the worst of the infection cleared up in a couple of days.

My client with the inner ear infection was also suffering with a sinus infection which probably blocked the Eustachian tubes. They described a sensation of pressure in the ear as though it need to "pop." I did my usual sinus protocol emphasizing craniosacral therapy to open the eustachian tubes. They were headed to the pharmacy after their visit with me to get their prescription filled.

My worst sinus sufferer couldn't even breathe while they were on my table. Also on prescription medication, they were on day four of their affliction. I worked the pressure points around the sinuses to get the nasal passages to open (at least temporarily) so they could breathe a little and taught them how to work these same points on themselves.

Living in the bowl of the Tennessee Valley, we enjoy high humidity and verdant vegetation where molds thrive. Most of my clients suffer from some sort of sinus problem at different times of the year depending upon what is blooming. Rare is the client who can lay face down on my table and not block up. For this reason, I try to finish my massages with my clients face up so they aren't congested at the finish of the massage.


Posted by linda at July 14, 2006 10:57 AM

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