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July 6, 2006

Working On A Marathon Runner

I worked on a bona fide marathon runner this week. Their primary complaint was low back pain. They assumed their was from tight hamstrings because when they kept the hamstrings stretched out the low back pain stayed under control.

I had an inkling that their psoas muscles might be tight and asked about any troubles associated with hip flexion. The only problems they had (as they traced a perfect pain pattern for the psoas muscles) had followed an a attempt at "chi running" and an intense yoga class.

We started to work and I found plenty of tension in the lumbar region which I loosened while using good communication concerning the client's comfort level. When I got to the hip muscles, it was as though they belonged to another person. They were so tight that I kept rolling off of them. I was concerned there was some guarding there, but with patience, I found some areas that attached to the greater trochanter that were tender and hips began to ease. Then I found tension in the balance muscles of gluteus minimus and medius.

Interestingly, when I got to the hamstrings, they were quite supple. The left thigh had tightness at ischial tuberosity along with some tenderness while I worked the tension out. Next, I checked the psoas muscles. The right psoas was where there had been a problem with tightness, and there was some tenderness for the client, but the psoas muscle felt pretty healthy overall.

I finished the session by showing my client some stretches for the hips and calf muscles which I hope they will find helpful.


Posted by linda at July 6, 2006 7:42 AM

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