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August 4, 2006

Full Disclosure

A client called yesterday asking if I did lymph drainage therapy. I said that I did do lymph drainage for swelling and detoxification.

The client said they had been calling around to several massage therapists. All had said that she should be sure to choose someone who is certified or else she could get "really messed up." Kudos to my peers for looking out for this client. I immediately informed her that I was not certified, that the LDT that I did was for detoxification and swelling reduction for conditions that did not interrupt the continuity of the lymphatic system.

I went on to explain that if the client is a breast cancer survivor, for example, and had biopsy of the lymph nodes, radiation, mastectomy or any other surgery that interrupted the lymphatic system, they would need a certified lymphedema therapist. I also informed them that if they were not comfortable working with me I was happy to refer them to someone in our area who is certified.

As it turns out, the client had a session with an iridologist who informed them that they needed to detoxify and boost their immune system and recommended lymph drainage therapy. LDT will encourage the body to produce white blood cells and improve immunity. I told them that the lymph drainage I performed would meet their needs. We talked about session costs and availability. They did not book right away but would call after checking their schedule.

Posted by linda at August 4, 2006 7:16 AM

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