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November 9, 2006

CPR Recertification

Massage therapists are supposed to recertify for CPR every year. Usually, I get my recertification through the Red Cross which is a day long class for $35. This year, however, I changed from the Red Cross to the American Heart Association CPR training, because recertifying costs only $30 and the class lasts just three hours. So, through a whirlwind of heart attacks and choking incidents in one morning, I'm good to go in an emergency. As an added bonus, this certification lasts for two years.

Just for review, you want to make sure your victim has oxygen in his system before trying to circulate it through their blood. Check to see if they're breathing. If not, administer two breaths in 10 seconds. Then check for a pulse. If no pulse, then administer 30 chest compressions in 23 seconds (about the rate of 100 per minute). In the case of a choking victim who has passed out, give breaths first--you'll feel if the air is not going in. Doing chest compression may clear the obstruction from their airway, so "sweep" their mouth before administering the breaths.


Posted by linda at November 9, 2006 3:05 PM

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