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November 8, 2006

Strider In A Cystic Fibrosis Case

My client with Cystic Fibrosis came to see me following their latest hospital stay. They had gotten sick and waited too long to see the doctor and developed "blebs" or pockets of mucus in the alveoli of their lungs. Apparently when blebs rupture, the damage to the lungs is permanent and limits the amount of oxygen the lungs can supply to the body. As a result, my CF client was on an oxygen tank.

They had acquired Aspirgillosis, a fungal infection that I learned about this semester in microbiology. Toxic metabolites from the Aspergillus caused a condition my client called "strider." I could not find this condition in my searches, but the symptoms are contraction of neck muscles to the extent that it restricts breathing. This is what brought my client to see me. Their neck was sore from tight muscles and they wanted me to work it out. As they left my office they told their spouse that my work did them more good than the in-hospital therapist that was provided.

Posted by linda at November 8, 2006 12:25 PM

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