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December 19, 2006

Gift Certificate Incentive

For some of my peers, Christmas can be the most lucrative gift certificate sales season of the year. For some reason, gift certificate sales fluctuate from year to year for me. I advertise annually through a postcard mailing in November reminding clients about buying gift certificates for Christmas. With every sale, I include a coupon with a discount toward the client's next massage. Many of my client's appreciate and use these coupons and I get repeat business.

Gift certificates issues are a hot topic among many massage therapists. For some people, gift certificates bring a lot of problems. I solved many of my gift certificate woes by including a copy of my office policies with the gift certificate for new clients. The section on gift certificate redemption and purchase reads as follows:

Gift Certificates
I am pleased to be able to offer you gift certificates for a variety of occasions. Because I do not have a receptionist, it is best to call in advance if you would like to purchase a gift certificate. Giving the name of the recipient, who you want the gift from, and the length of the massage, will allow me to fill out the gift certificate and have it waiting for you in my reception area. A payment envelope will be attached should you arrive while I am in session.

Please present your certificate upon redemption--I need the code for my internal record keeping. If this is your first massage with me, you may want to arrive about 10 minutes early to fill out a health intake form. Gift certificates are not exchangeable for cash. Expired certificates will only be honored if the appointment is scheduled before the expiration date.


Posted by linda at December 19, 2006 5:40 PM

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