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December 5, 2006

Menstrual Pain Relieved With Combination Therapies

My client and I had planned a session of Visceral Manipulation uterine work because perimenopause had brought about changes to severity of her menses. However, the day she came in was the first day of her cycle and she was experiencing a lot of pain. She had taken two prescription strength Ibuprofen earlier in the day but decided to wait for another dose to see what I could do for her. Rather than manipulating the uterus outright, we decided that calming the uterus was the order of the day.

With a combination Visceral Manipulation for encouraging motility and Craniosacral Therapy to make the uterus more comfortable in the pelvis, my client's menstrual pain eased almost completely. I was able to increase motility (the inherent motion of the organ) but the real changes came with Craniosacral Therapy. The amount of heat (which is an indication of change in the tissue) that was emitted over a three to five minute period felt like fire and prickly heat to my hand. The client had a history of ovarian cysts and had an ovary surgically removed.

She did not feel the need for pain medication following the session.

Posted by linda at December 5, 2006 7:14 AM

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