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December 29, 2006

When Neck Pain Is Something Else

I have a client who comes to see me who is nearing fifty and in pretty good shape. They take care of themselves, eat right and exercise. Unfortunately, they have some postural habits that prevent them from feeling as good a they deserve and this is what we work on.

So, when they came to me with chronic neck pain, I performed my usual massage to loosen the shoulders and then the neck. But part of the neck tension was being uncooperative. We talked about a possible vertebrae being out or an emotional attachment to the area that prevented resolution. I decided to move away from the area and perform the lymph drainage that my client had also requested. Sometimes when we give an obstinate area a rest form our work, we give it an opportunity to resolve itself.

When I got down into the abdomen to work on the cysterna chyli, our conversation turned to the mild hiatal hernia this client has. I instinctively switched to visceral manipulation hands and found tension in the ligaments around the liver and cardiac sphincter (aka esophageal sphincter). By softening those tight ligaments, my client's neck pain diminished greatly. They left the session feeling taller because they were not being drawn downward due to tension pulling on the esophagus which in turn was pulling on their neck.


Posted by linda at December 29, 2006 7:39 AM

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