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January 5, 2007

Blunt Force Trauma

One of my regular clients that I see on a monthly basis came in yesterday sporting a cane and an eye patch. "What happened to you?" I asked incredulously. In early December they were getting Christmas decorations out of their storage space over their garage and fell off the ladder and landed on concrete. Hitting their head, they sustained a concussion and skull fracture. They have vision problems in one eye that may or may not return to normal and developed a latent stuttering problem.

Craniosacral therapy is perfectly suited for head trauma. I decided to start with the 10-step protocol and then followed my client's prompts concerning what they could and could not handle. The cranial base release put too much upward pressure on the skull, so I skipped that and relied heavily upon the still point technique.

We both observed that the left side of the occipittal bone felt sunken in slightly so that the head did not feel balanced during the still point hold. Cradling the head with one hand and covering the affected eye with the other, I performed direction of energy technique. The client reported feeling as though their head was floating and expanding on the affected side. After that, they observed that they could lay their head back comfortably without feeling the need for neck support. Also, when I did the still point hold again, we both were able to observe a change in the the occiput. It did not feel sunken in any longer and the still point hold felt more balanced.

Since it takes a couple of weeks for the body to fully integrate the changes from craniosacral therapy, I recommended that the client come and see me for a half hour every two weeks instead of once a month. One little change is enough for someone with head trauma. I will call today to find out how their night went.


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