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January 14, 2007

Emergency Session

A regular client called and needed an emergency session between their regular session. They have a history of severe scoliosis and tend to have pain settle into their lumbar region and sciatic region. They have been coming to me for years and are convinced that massage keeps them going and prevents them from having spinal surgery to correct their scoliosis.

One weekend they felt a catch in their low back and experienced immediate pain. They treated themselves at home with gentle stretches and heat. This helped in the short term, but as their week progressed the tension traveled. Their next complaint landed in the sciatic region of the hip and sent pain down their leg. By the third day, tension had traveled up their back and was settling in their shoulder and neck. Heat kept them mobile, but was not going to be enough to hold them to their next scheduled appointment.

When they came in I found the source of their pain immediately in their lumbar region. I wish I could draw pictures so that I could show how the spine is curved, but suffice it to say that the convex side of the curve is where the lumbar tension manifested. I relaxed everything above, below and on the opposite side first. Then I worked on the source. My client has some relief, but was still catching on that side even as they sat to write their check. I will see them Tuesday and we will continue our work.


Posted by linda at January 14, 2007 7:41 AM

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